I know you’ve been waiting for a while now, but I am glad to announce that The Pot Press Forum is now open and accepting members! We have set the forum up so it can be as pleasurable as possible for you to use. Come introduce yourself, tell us about your smoking and we’ll get into more detail after that if you want!

We hope to build a very active community over the next couple of months and appreciate input from each and every individual.

The forum has been made for you to indulge in everything about smoking. We plan to help newbies, and learn from other experts. AND we have 410 games on our arcade to keep you busy whilst waiting for some replies :).

I hope you enjoy, and ill see you there!


One thought on “Marijuana Forum – Now Open!

  1. Guys I discovered this posted at my website recently, what are your thoughts over a subject? Can you factor me too some far better guides on a subject?

    Its all regarding how to grow marijuana indoors. The site linked also has some information that is quite useful.

    Marijuana is often a good herb that grows naturally all more than the planet. Unfortunately it’s nevertheless illegal to grow marijuana in quite a few countries. Please examine your local laws prior to growing marijuana. With that said, letâ??s get growing!

    Itâ??s a general consensus that growing herb is greatest done using a excellent hydro system. Hydroponics stands out as the program of growing a plant with out soil. You can find 2 several ways to grow with hydro, but regardless you need to pick up some supplies. Very first and foremost you will need a light source to grow your herb. There are various technologies accessible and I’ll break down the rewards and disadvantages of every for you.

    The cheapest and most inefficient light source is compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). There are 2 several styles of CFL lighting. Some individuals grow marijuana with CFL light bulbs. You possibly can pick these up at the grocery store and a splitter at your local hardware store. Itâ??s a good thought to strive for at least the 100 watt bulbs mainly because one thing a smaller amount is not giving off more than enough light. Preserve in mind that they are not specially efficient so you need as many as 8 or additional to grow and flower 3 plants. The other type of CFL lighting is the shop light style. These have a metal bracket employed being a reflector and the bulbs themselves are lengthy and cylindrical. This sort of lighting is often a smaller far more efficient than the CFL bulb but nonetheless not ideal for growing marijuana. Whichever sort of CFL bulb you choose, strive for your bluest temperature for vegetative growth as well as the warmest color light for flowering.

    The following lighting kind is Metal Halide (MH). You see metal halide lights anytime you leave your household out night, as thatâ??s what most street lights use. Metal halide lighting works by converting power having a ballast and then delivering it to an HID bulb. This lighting type is very excellent for vegetative growth but not so much for flowering. These systems use incredibly plenty of electricity and give off substantial heat so you should often use MH in conjunction with great ventilation.

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