This is the big question for weed smokers from all over at the moment.

Can-i-bi weed online?

There is a solution.

Due to the nature of this subject we are not prepared to say anything! Sorry!


93 thoughts on “Can I Buy Weed Online? Dutch Green Club Invite Code

  1. Hi

    For those of you may be intrested i have found a grate mail order mj service, the quality and shipping is amazing all there buds are medical grade i have been useing them for few months and they have never disapoint me in quality or shipping,
    they used to only supply for usa but recently they are providing for international customers too,
    i have some grape diesel that i recommend A++ quality and service,
    here is there new website caliqualityimports.ning.com if you do order post here and say thanks

  2. This is a scam, 1 of my friend never received anything and I received some legal bud shit that i could have found in any shop.

    I heard about some czech site that works fine – i’ll let you know

      • hey potpress,
        i’ve used dgc b4 and can attest that it is on the up and up. pricey but very high quality bud. my question for you is how did you recently order from them. anytime i try to locate the site it always times out and says that its not a valid link any longer. please extrapolate on your recent purchase??


      • I have never had a chance to order from dgc before, because as you say it is pricey.

        The registration is only open at certain times.

        Please use the subscribe form on the left and we’ll let you know when registration opens, and of course provide you with an invite code.

  3. hey guys i found a website that does it, it looks like they’re just sellin seeds but i found a link at the bottom of the home page that brings you straight to the weed menu πŸ™‚ straightfromamsterdam.weebly.com i dont think they care bout the law :L

  4. i got 7g from cali imports of sour d they sent me the meds first and it was not legal bud or anyhting dont see that other guys problem is with them.

  5. hey guys looking an invite to DGC, email me if its cool. I went onto thepotpress forum but you cant do anything on it.

  6. stick with dgc, high prices but very reliable and safe. they just got new strains

    alternative to me would be bestbud

    kushme (AT) hushmail (DOT) com

  7. 1st order best quality 2nd order low quality 3nd order medium weed mixed with this legal buds shit. 4nd order not received
    thats dgc…

    • look if dutch green club done that to u they wud refund u with some smoke best way is to track your mail and pay in ucash if any help to u cos im getin parcels al year that way

  8. DGC are in the process right now of carrying out a massive scam against many members on the site.

    They are claiming a problem in the mail system but the reality is that they just never sent the mail out and all these members are there saying ” DGC would never do this to me ” but they are wrong.

    DGC have a great little scam going where those being scammed will continue putting their money on the site and will continue to be selectively scammed.

  9. Mark you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    I’ve been with DGC for over a year now and received 19/19 of my orders. So a few orders got delayed, you must be pretty daft to think they’d just start scamming.

    They are one of the biggest in the biz, what reason would they have to outright scam people. Yeah it’s annoying that my latest order is late, but if anyone is a wanker it’s you.

    No wonder they told you to fuck off, you sound like a little annoying kid who shows no respect.


  10. greenmom are the same crew of scammers as DGC, according to Online-Pot.org. And i’d guess that gdsmenu and friendlyface are the same scamming scum.

      • I was a (happy) customer of friendly face for quite a while but due to an inactive hushmail account I lost his details. Could you forward them to please?

  11. Mark, you’re full of it. I just got my order from DGC this morning. You probably lost like what 3g and start ranting here about them? There have been some problems ya, but no scamming you fool. That online-pot.org site isn’t a reliable source of information. They say that DGC is UK based? I’ve never received a package from DGC from the UK. There was some scammer sending out fake e-mails using DGC’s address and I think they were accidentally lumped in with those other two.

  12. Yawn! Who cares if you claim to have received an order, it don’t mean shit! I’m telling people that they conned me, folks can believe whatever they like, but they can’t say they weren’t warned.

  13. sex-pistol, you wrote that article that claims DGC is a scam didn’t you? It’s a poorly written article at that and includes no evidence to back up your claims whatsoever. You can write up tabloid articles and post them to various places but it doesn’t make the content of the article true. No one has posted any conclusive evidence that DGC is in fact doing anything like that. It would be like me saying that the Queen murdered 50 young children and spamming it everywhere. Just because you yell it from the rooftops does not make it true. Get a life and stop posting crap online you know nothing about.

  14. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too. caliqualityimports.ning.com is a big scam too.

  15. I did not write this article – “the big summer scam” did happen and i’m far from being the only one who think they are selective scammers just look up the internet if you think i wrote all the negative comments about them on the web then YOU know nothing.

  16. Ive got to say ive used DGC a few times now, i done 2 orders through a friends account which came fine, then i got my own account, first 3 orders or mayb it was 4 came fine, but . . .

    . . . now i start to worry, when they tell everyone they are closing for xmas and everyone to get ther orders in a “stock up” , i thought ok fair enough then so orderd a decent sized bit and my mate orderd a big lump too.

    aparantly my package was shipped on the 24th of Nov , have i seen it, NO ! has my friend seen his? NO !!

    now ok theres been bad weather in the uk cause delays, and tnt postal strikes too, but . . i have had ANOTHER friend whose small package was shipped a 1st dec and he got it about 6 days later. now a week later i still dont have mine!

    so i starting to feel this xmas close down is a big scam, to get you to order big, and so they dont even post it ! i mean, what other money making internet firm closes over xmas

  17. dgc are no way scammers
    had 34 orders now no probs
    top quality top quality
    if anyone says different they are full of shite. end of

  18. Dutch green club went fine for me and my friends for months. All well untill i ordered 7 g’s of w.w. I sparked a bong and it started sparking like crazy, i tried it in a joint and it did the same shooting out sparks, contaminated? I think so. I smoked the whole thing anyway and hardly felt anything atall 😦 Thanks DGC!

  19. You guys do realize weed is illegal in the uk so maybe it might just be a case of if your unlucky then someone at the post office stole your weed or maybe some offices have dogs, its not illegal to receive weed in the post that’s why you wouldn’t get fucked over but it is illegal to send it so the porkers just wanna find DGC

  20. non of this information leeds to a legit vendor, i guess its safe to say it is not possible to buy your weed online…

  21. Anyone knows an alternative for DutchGreenClub for ordering weed?

    Anyone got any experience with dealers on the TOR network?

    For example Onion Weed Shop:
    Download Tor Browser Bundle at: http://www.torproject.org/
    Then go to the following url in TOR Firefox: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/weedshop8/index.php?file=thepotpress&4358934548=38534954

    Link for regular internet: http://tor-proxy.net/proxy/tor/browse.php?u=http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/weedshop8/index.php?ad=thepotpress&4358934548=38534954&b=2 (this one is down from time to time, or slow. its faster and even more secure if you download TOR.)

    Or with any of the other sites in TOR Hidden Wiki?
    kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion (down at the moment)

    anyone active on silkroad?

  22. DGC worked ok until I ordered the promos firstly i lost 28g WW 200 euro then afew smaller orders came ok until I ordered another promo the hash pack 300 euro they say they never received the cash. Now they are talking about you sending them your debit card to pay them. I will never use them again what was it george bush said “fool me once, shame on β€” shame on you. Fool me β€” you can’t get fooled again.”

  23. Please can you remove the post from Carl Mussi dated November 2011. He is now deceased. I find it quite distressing to see this on the internet. Many thanks

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